Surah To Make Someone Love You

Love is a beautiful feeling and when you are in love everything seems amazing. But, sometimes you need to protect your relationship from evil eyes and black magic, from the bad eyes of other people. If you want your relationship to be healthy and flourishing, then perform the Surah to make someone love you and Wazifa for the person you love. Your love story will be a hit and very soon you will be able to marry your lover without any problem.

Often the relationship starts on a very good note, but then things end up badly. If you do not want any misfortune to happen with your love life, then the Wazifa for success in love with secure your relationship and protect it from Satan and evil things.

Wazifa For Success in Love

Sometimes you feel that your lover takes you for granted and doesn’t care a lot about you. They pretend to love you but never call or contact you from their side. If you want your lover to love you truly without any selfish feelings then dua for making someone love you is all you need. This dua will help you win the real love of your lover. He/ she will start missing you and will think of you all the time. The dua to make someone fall in love with you will increase the love element between you both. Reciting this dua will make them more faithful towards you.

If you feel that your boyfriend isn’t serious about you at all and they take you as a causal relation, then you should practice surah to make someone love you. The dua will make your lover fall deeply in love with you. The love would be so immense and deep that your lover will think of you all day and night. It will enhance your status in your lover’s heart and he will always want to be with you. The dua will soon make your love propose you for marriage as he would no longer want to spend a single minute without you.

Wazifa For Success in Love

Every lover wants to marry his/ her loved one, but sometimes you face problems in your marriage. Very often your parents are not ready for your love marriage or sometimes your lover wants more time. If this is the case with you, then wazifa for success in love will be very beneficial for you. If you and your lover are from a different caste and because of this your parents are not ready or the relatives are not supporting you, then the surah for love problems will relieve you from this problem. They will not oppose you but support you with the will and grace of Allah Miyan.

Recite this dua as much as you can and then think about the person you want to marry and blow it on him/ her:

Surah Al-Qasas:- Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ilayya Min Khayrin Faqeer

If you secretly love someone but you don’t have the courage to talk to that person and you want that person to love you back, then the surah to make someone love you will help you out. The surah is very effective and it will ignite love in the heart of that person for you. You come to us and share your problem and we shall provide you with the right surah to make someone fall in love with you. Our Molvi Ji will help you very efficiently and guide you with the correct procedure. Just perform the surah with full faith and right intention and Insha Allah, Allah miyan will make ways for you.

Dua To Make Someone Call You

If your closest friend or loved one is very angry with you and has stopped talking to you, then do feel depressed. The dua to make someone call you will melt his/her heart and he/she will come back to you. They will immediately give you a call and make things good for you.

In another instance, if you love someone and want to talk to him/ her and wish that person to come and speak to you just perform the dua for someone to contact you. He/she will say exactly what you were expecting and Insha Allah, very soon you both will be together. You can get the dua to make him call me now from us. We will be obliged to help you and make your life better with our efforts.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

Losing someone who is close to you because of your own folly is heartbreaking. It takes a lot of time to make a relationship but only a few seconds to break it. But, if your loved one has left you and you miss him/her dearly, then dua to make someone talk to you is the right solution for you. When someone goes away from you because of some misunderstanding or disbelief then you get shattered. All you need to do is, come to us and we shall help you in the Islamic way to make his return home.

If your son or daughter or husband or someone very close to you lives far away from you, and they don’t even remember to give a call to you. The dua for someone to contact you will make them remember you and they will give you a call immediately. Or on the other hand, if you are expecting a call from someone but that person is not calling you, then the dua to make someone call you will be of great help to you. Just recite the dua to make him call me now, with great devotion and Insha Allah that person will definitely give you a call very soon.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

If you are in love with someone but you want that person also to love you and miss you as you do then practice the wazifa to make someone contact you. This wazifa to make someone talk to you is very effective and has the power to create die-hard feelings in your loved one’s heart. The dua to make someone talk to you will make that person crave for you and your love. He/she will miss you from the core of their heart and they will instantly give you a call or come to meet you.

Dua to make someone talk to you is given below as:-

Innal Ladhee Faraza Alaika Al Qurana La Ra Addoka Ila Me Adin Kul Rabbi Aa’a Lamu Man Ja’ aa Bil Huda Wa Man Huwa Fi Dhilalim Mubeen

Practice this wazifa to make someone contact you 100 times daily and think about the person you want to be in contact with until the time that person calls you. Insha Allah, very soon that person will talk to you. If you need more guidance regarding the performing procedure of dua and wazifas, feel free to contact our Islamic scholar Molvi Haider Ali Ji. He will listen to your problems and will suggest you suitable Islamic prayers while keeping your privacy confidential.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Do you love someone? Do you want that person to love you with the same intensity? Do you wish to make your lover fall madly in love with you? If you want your lover you truly from the bottom of his/her heart, then dua to make someone miss you will surely fulfill this desire of yours. It will make your lover miss you unconditionally and help you to marry him/her soon. It will open the doors of your lover’s heart for you and make him/her feel immense love for you.

It is important to discuss the procedure of dua to make someone miss you from our Molvi sab. He will guide you and help you in getting desired results with the grace of Allah Talah. So, without worrying about anything else, just practice dua to make him love me more and accomplish your desires. If you are very eager to win the heart of your lover, then dua to make someone miss you will be the best solution for you. You just need to consult with our Islamic scholar Molvi Abdullah Hussain Ji and get they will tell you the procedure of dua to make someone miss you. Practice it with firm determination and belief to get positive results.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

If you are in love with someone and miss that person all day and night but you are not getting the same response from another side then you can try Islamic procedures like wazifa to make someone miss you. These wazifa prayers are intended to make someone miss and think about you. You can try this on someone whom you want to fall in love with you. If you want your boyfriend to think about you all day and night and want to make him fall in love with you then love dua to make him think of me will do the job for you.

If you a wife whose husband is out of town or living abroad and not in touch with you then you can take the help of powerful dua to make your husband miss you as well. No matter how far your husband is sitting, once you will recite this dua, he will start getting thoughts of you by the blessings of Allah Tala and soon he will start calling you.

Dua To Make Him Think of Me and Love Me More

Allah Humma Allif Baina Kulubina Wa As Lih Zata Bainina Wah Dina Subulis Salam Wa Najjina Minaz ZulumatiIlan Noor

Recite this dua to make him love me more 111 times total at any point of the day. Make sure you read Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning and in the end of the dua. Then think of your lover and blow on him/her.

Now, recite dua to make him love me more to Allah Talah by creating more love in his/her heart. Insha Allah, in some time you will observe changes in their behavior. Surely your lover will change for the better and will start loving you more than before. Practice it for 21 days and then stop.

However, if you don’t see any favorable results then don’t lose hope and just consult our Molvi Ji to seek further guidance.

Islamic Dua For Love

A life without love seems to be dull. We all need love to survive in this mean and brutal world. The feeling of love in life makes every moment happier. This is why the Islamic dua for love is important in the Holy Quran.

We all wish to have a special person in life. Every human’s desire is to be loved and cared for by their soulmate. To find that soulmate, people often read the Islamic dua for love. This Quranic dua for love is read when a person wishes to find their true love.

To have a person on whom we can rely for everything is a blessing. The feeling of being together forever with faith, love, and compatibility is not so easy anymore. True love seems like a myth because people have forgotten the value of true love. By reading the dua to get your love in life, anyone can fulfill their wish to find their true love.

Dua For The One You Love

People who wish to find love, read the dua for love. People who have already found their true lover have to read the dua for the one you love. Keeping a love relationship healthy and happy is more complicated than finding love in life.

If you are in love, you would do anything to keep your lover and relationship happy. For this, you need to read the dua for the one you love regularly. This dua is an extraordinary prayer for lovers. To keep your relationship always blessed, our Islamic scholar suggests reading this dua to get your love.

Now we are going to tell you how to perform the Islamic dua for the one you love:

  • Take a shower and think of a happy life with the person you love.
  • Begin to recite Durood Shareef ten times after sitting on your prayer mat.
  • Then, you have to recite Surah Al-Hujurat two times.
  • Recite this dua: “Ya Wadodu Ya Rahmu Ya Rahiimu” 101 times.
  • At last, pray to Almighty Allah to always bless you and your lover. Pray to him to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

You can also perform this ritual as the dua for love marriage so that you can marry the love of your life.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

The most painful feeling in life is losing the love that brought peace and happiness in your life. We understand the pain one goes through after being separated from a deeply loved person. To bring back that lost love in your life, you should know how to read the powerful dua for lost love.

The powerful dua to get your love back is the best dua to make someone love you back once again. To perform the dua for getting lost love back immediately, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Perform ablution first.
  • Then, begin chanting “Allahu Akbar” 51 times.
  • Now, think of the happy memories you created with the person you love.

Strong Wazifa For Love Back

Has the person you loved the most in your life left you? Do you miss your ex-lover and wish that you could somehow bring him back to you? Do you want your ex-lover to come back into your life and be with you like before? If yes, then you should recite wazifa for love back. The wazifa has been taken from the Quran and is very powerful. It has the power to bring your ex-lover back to you and revive your love life and make it as it was before.

If your ex-lover has left you because of his/ her interest in someone else’s life, then wazifa for a lover to come back will help you in ending that relationship and making your lover regret leaving you. You should find out how to get the love back and then make dua according to the procedure. If you have already cried a lot and done all the efforts to bring your lover back to you, but haven’t succeeded, then wazifa for a lover to come back is the best possible solution in this regard. No matter what the cause of your breakup was, it will rejuvenate your love life.

How to get the love back by Wazifa

So, just find out how to get the love back procedure from our molvi sb. and practice it to get favorable results. Relationships are complicated and reviving them may be very tough. However, dua for someone to come back to you can ease the situation for you. Insha Allah, you will have to do nothing in this case and your ex-lover will come to you on his/ her own. The wazifa for someone to come-back to you will make your relationship just like the past and all the issues will get resolved.

If your lover has been very angry with you or if there has been any misunderstanding between you and your partner which has led to the breakup, then wazifa for a lover to come back is all you need. Use the wazifa as directed and Insha Allah, you will get your lover back. Don’t lose hope. Wazifa for someone to come-back to you has changed a lot of lives and it will definitely help you too. If you are shattered because of the loss of your lover, then find out how to get your love back, and soon you will see how the situation turns into your favor.

How To Get Your Ex Love Back by Wazifa

After performing the obligatory prayer of the night, recite the below-mentioned dua 300 times. Make sure you include Durood Shareef in the beginning and end three-three times. Recite this dua for 11 days and try to start it from Thursday.

Insha Allah, the dua will re-create your love in the heart of your lover and he/she will come back to you in no time. If you don’t see any changes in the behavior of your lover in 11 days, then do it for 21 days. And if still he/ she is the same, then speak to our molvi sb. on an immediate basis.

“Ya Wadoodoo Ya Ra’ufoo Ya Raheemo”

Wazifa For Love Back

Having a perfect life partner by your side makes life a little bit easier, isn’t it? The one who comforts you in the difficult phases of life and listens to your problems like they are yours, it’s the best thing in the world. But if you do not have someone like that in your life but are secretly wishing then start reading the Wazifa for lover. This effective and powerful wazifa is the best way to make anyone fall for you and have the same feelings for you. If you like someone and want them to reciprocate your feelings then take the help of this Wazifa for love back.

Wazifa To Get Lover Back

It is an effective solution for the ones who have a crush on someone but can’t express their feelings to them. No matter whether you are shy or are afraid to share what’s in your heart, this wazifa for the lover will resolve all the problems in one go. It will help you make space in the heart of the person you desire and will strengthen your friendship. This will make them comfortable with you and will also give you a chance to know you more. Within a few days, you will start observing the results of the powerful wazifa to get lover back and your relationship will start blooming.

If your partner has left you or has broken up with you and you are missing them like crazy then with the help of the wazifa to get back lover will help you. It is often difficult to bring back the partner after a painful separation. Sometimes the misunderstandings and sometimes the past come between the relationships and make it difficult for the couples to reconcile. If this is the issue with you as well, then with the help of the wazifa for an ex-lover you can bring them back. This will develop feelings of understanding in their heart and they would get ready to talk to you.

Those who are worried that their partner is having an affair or is cheating on them can also take the help of this wazifa to get my lover back. It is upsetting to realize that your partner is having an affair with someone and is planning to leave you. Islamic Wazifa for getting your partner back in one day or 3 days is also a great solution for those who are looking for their lover to come back. Make your life happier with the help of this Islamic solution.

Powerful Wazifa For Lover

But, if you want to save the relationship and want to bring back your lover then start reading the powerful Islamic wazifa to get lover back in the following manner:

  • Make wuzu.
  • Recite Durood five times.
  • Recite Ayat Al Kursi 33 times and pray to Allah for blessing you with whatever that you want.
  • In the end, recite Salawat thrice and thank Allah.
  • Follow this ritual for a week or so and you will start getting the results very soon. All the problems and issues within the relationship will be resolved. Inshallah, you will also be loved by your partner the way that you deserve to be.

For more details and information, contact our Molvi Ji. He will guide you to read the duas in the right way to get the most effective results. We value your confidentiality.

Dua For Getting Love And Attraction

Do you wish to make someone yours but are afraid to share your feelings with them? Are you nervous that they would reject you and will not say yes to your proposal? If you want the one you like to reciprocate your feelings and have been making efforts for them, only to gain nothing then the dua for love and attraction is the best solution. Inshallah, it will help you to get the results from your efforts faster and will also melt their heart for you. Within a few days, you will start seeing the results of getting your love-back by an Islamic dua as they would start taking interest in you.

Many people stop trying to convince the other person once they feel that they aren’t interested in them or when their efforts do not yield any results. If you are in the same situation whether you have been making efforts but the other person is constantly ignoring it then with the help of the dua for husband’s love or attraction you achieve this. It will create so much affection in them for you that they wouldn’t be able to live without you and would express their desire to be with you. With the help of this quranic Amal, you can make anyone fall for you and ensure that they would never leave you.

If your partner has left you out of anger or for someone else then this might be a painful period for you. If you are going through a breakup then missing them would make it worse. If you are also missing your lover and wish them to come back to you then you can get love back by dua. It will help you to develop affection in them and they would be ready to forgive you. If there had been a misunderstanding due to which the breakup took place, then this Islamic dua for my love or attraction will also resolve that by igniting love in their heart.

How To Get Love Back By Dua

If you are in a relationship, then trust is the basic thing that should be there between lovers. Without trust, no relationship can stand. Sometimes, our lovers may leave us because of a lack of trust. When we don’t trust our lover naturally the relationship will end. To manage such troubles, there is a very powerful Islamic dua to get lost love back. This is one of the best dua for getting lost love back. And this powerful Islamic dua to get lost love back should be performed after taking help from an Islamic professional.

You can also get love back bu dua if your partner doesn’t give you the attention that you desire and doesn’t find you as attractive. This can happen after you have been together for so long. But if you want the passion and romance to come back in your relationship and want to know how to get love-back by dua then follow this ritual:

  • Make fresh wazu and offer the Maghreb Namaz.
  • After this recite Durood five times.
  • Now recite Surah Maryam seven times and pray to Allah. You can also imagine the face of the one you desire and ask Allah to develop the feelings of affection in them.
  • Follow this ritual for 11 days.
  • Inshallah, everything will start falling into place and they would come back to you. Not only this, but your partner will also make efforts to improve the relationship.

To get the Islamic dua for my love or attraction, contact our Molvi Ji, dial the given numbers. We maintain the privacy of the details of the customers.

Making Dua for Someone You love

Assalam Alaykum my Islamic brothers and sisters, One-sided love is very painful and heart-wrenching. While you may love someone with all your heart but fail to win their affection. Without love, your relationship will never withstand the test of time and eventually shatter. You cannot carry the burden of relationship solely on your back. However, you do have the option of dua for someone to love you. Islam is a religion of love and harmony and it encourages affection between two partners. You will find a number of verses in the Quran which preach halal marriage and love between the partners.

Dua For Someone To Love You

You have several dua for someone to love you but if you don’t know which one to make and how to perform them in the right manner, then you have come to the right place. Read this article carefully to win the love of someone you love and make them their soulmate. Whether you have a crush on someone or you deeply love someone for years, but don’t know what lies in their heart, making dua for someone you love with be helpful for you.

Do not skip any part of the article or you will not know the exact procedure to practice the dua. If you don’t perform it appropriately, you will not get desired results.

Dua For Someone To Love You

Here is the step-by-step procedure of dua for someone to love you.

Important note: Perform this dua only after performing the namaz of Maghrib.

  • Always perform this ritual in the state of ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times. (it could be any)
  • Recite this ayat of Quran chapter 8 verse 129, 1100 times.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Pray to Allah Miyan to create mutual feelings in the heart of your crush/ lover.
  • Insha Allah, in less than 21 days, you will see positive results in this regard.

If you follow all the steps of the procedure correctly, then undoubtedly, your prayer will be granted by Allah Talah. In case you need any help in this regard, you should contact our molvi sahib. He will offer you the right help according to your situation. Do not hesitate. Share your feelings with him to get suitable help for yourself.

Dua for Marrying Someone You Love

The procedure of dua for marrying someone you love step by step:

Important tip: For the effectiveness of this dua, make sure you perform it after the namaz of Fajr.

  • Make ablution with absolute purity.
  • Now recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Muzammil
  • Recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times.
  • Then pray for your marriage to the person of your choice.

Insha Allah, in just a week you will see fruitful changes in that person. He/ she will agree to marry you. The dua for marrying someone you love is extremely powerful and will create love in any person’s heart you approach. Remember to have firm belief in Allah Talah and akways have patience while performing it. In case you need instant results, contact our molvi sahib.

Dua To Make Someone Love You back

Failing to win the love of your lover is heart shattering. It may break you from the inside. However, Allah Talah has given ease to his slaves in all situations. The dua to make someone love you back will immensely revive your love life and create similar feelings in that person’s heart. You will win their love and have a great life ahead with that person.

Dua To Make Someone Love You back

Your love is very important to you and this is why people make so many duas for them. However, dua for someone special is one of the best duas you can perform for your lover. It will bring them betterment, happiness and more closeness to you. Read on our other article on dua for someone special (hyperlink) to pray for your lover’s progress and love.

Wazifa To Make Someone Love You

It is not easy to answer the question that why did you fall in love with a person who doesn’t have the same feelings for you. It just happens. You can’t control it and you can’t manipulate your mind into believing that you don’t like them. But what now? If you have fallen for someone at first sight but realize later on that they do not have the same feelings for you then you must take the help of the Wazifa to make someone love you. Inshallah, this dua will help you to create strong feelings of love, and attraction into them and they would start liking you.

If you are heartbroken that your hard work and efforts to convince them for the relationship aren’t yielding any results then you must take the help of the wazifa to make someone fall in love with you. Inshallah, your efforts will start showing results and they would get attracted to you. Within a few days, you would be able to see a change in their behavior and the way they interact with you. You would be able to notice their inversing interest in you and the fact that they also wish to be with you.

Wazifa To Make Someone Contact You

It is upsetting to see your partner taking interest in someone else and taking you for granted. Are you feeling helpless and do not know how to handle this situation? Are they not realizing the impact of their actions on the relationship? If you are tired of making them understand and they are still not listening to you then with the help of the wazifa for making someone love you, their affair can easily be broken. Inshallah, it will make them understand the consequences of their actions and they would start forgetting the other person.

Follow the ritual given below to read the wazifa to make someone fall in love with you:

  • Make wuzu and sit on the prayer mat.
  • Recite Durood E Sharif thrice.
  • After this recitation, Surah Yasin five times and pray to Allah with all your heart. Imagine the face of the one you desire.
  • In the end, recite Salawat thrice.

Wazifa To Make Someone Contact You

If your ex isn’t taking your calls and is refusing to talk to you then with the help of the wazifa to make someone contact you, you can influence them to talk to you. Inshallah, they would not be able to live without talking to you and would contact you soon. Many people have used this wazifa to make someone talk to you or love you or contact you and have manifest the texts and calls of their ex. This can also be used to receive the call of someone special. You can also get the procedure and the way to perform this Wazifa to make someone talk to you or love you from our Molvi ji. He will guide you to take the right steps so that you can get the results faster.

Dial the numbers on the website and consult our Molvi ji for more details. We maintain the privacy of the details of the customers.

Islamic Dua for Love Back

Many lovers have faced issue of love because many times due many problems a lover not able to get beautiful desired love. We can see many times that we have lost our love due to family or profession issue so you don’t need to worry if you want to get your love back in islam then it is possible with dua for getting back lost love in quran. In islam here is way like dua/wazifa/amal to get back ex/lost love. If you want to get you lost love back then you can bring back with best dua for love back.

You can use below dua for someone to love you back and sure when you recite this Islamic dua for 100 times daily then sure after some days your lover will come back very soon.

Islamic Dua for Love Back

Islamic Dua for Love Back

Islamic dua for love back is a strong dua to build your relationship stronger again. sometimes relationship between husband and wife or between lovers are not running as they wants. Due to not spending time for each other they are going to far from each other. after it problems going start and if love is not in your life absolutely nothing in world. To serve a life without any disturbance its need to get desired love with your life. If you have try much to get your love back but still your love is not as well as you need it then don’t think much because we are here to solve your any kind of problems. You can recite islamic dua for love back again in your dream life to fulfill wishes. this dua will create again a lovely affection between your relationships.

Dua for your love to come back you can use if your life partner is not near you means your partner is living much far from you then you recite this dua to get back your love to home again. We know that if your partner is working abroad and he comes one time in a year/2 years obviously this is not fair but money earn is also most important to serve happy life. But you can recite dua to come back and settle here means dua for getting job your husband here. So your partner will earn money here and you will happy with your life. For solve such type of cases you need to recite two types of islamic duas to get works your dua. First dua for getting your love back in your home and second dua will work for your partner to settle here. Many types other dua is available if your partner is not giving attention towards you then you can recite a dua to create a love attraction between you and your husband.

As we know while your partner will live together with you then sure a good relationship will build but sometimes may be your partner is not looking you by anyways. You can use dua for look attractive in urdu this create a attractive shining on your face. every dua have some different procedure to get work. so if you are facing any kind of problems don’t worry you can get concern with us so we will help you solve your love/relationship problems. If you facing any type of issues which related to your relationship/finance/child/family/business/career etc. Every problems can be solved using islamic dua so share your problems with us definitely you will get amazing results as your desire.

If you have lost your lover then sure getting bored with your life. Your lost love may be ex lover/ex boyfriend/ ex girlfriend/ ex husband/ ex wife etc. If you want to see anyone of them again in your life to heal your life with love then sure we can solve your issues to getting back your love. Sure you can get contact us anytime to bring back dream love again. Feel free smile and concern Allah HafiZ!