Dua For Fertility Treatment

Dua For Fertility Treatment or to remove male infertility can be use for getting good fertility for female. Use our islamic dua for childless couple.

What Is The Dua For Getting Pregnant?

Having a child is one of the best feelings in the whole world. It is a joyous time for the parents and the entire family. However, some couples face difficulties while having babies. This is when dua for fertility treatment helps. Many women nowadays face challenges in conceiving a child. After marriage, several couples remain childless for years.

Dua For Fertility Treatment

They visit doctors, spend lots of money on expensive treatment, but nothing works. Suddenly some of them are blessed with beautiful babies. What do you think they do that other childless couples don’t? Reciting dua for fertility treatment is the best solution if you are unable to conceive even after trying for years. We have another dua called Dua For Pregnancy to cure your fertility treatment.

Doing a dua for fertility treatment is effective when you do it with the full intention of having a baby. It is Almighty Allah who blesses us to experience parenthood. So, it is best to beg Allah to hear our prayers and accept them. Not harm others and indulge in good deeds. Insha Allah, your dua will be heard. When all your efforts fail, only Allah can help you. To beg for His help, recite the following dua for fertility treatment and keep trying to conceive-

Rabbbi laa taadhaarnee faraadaan waaa antaa khaayroo al-waritheen

In the morning, pray to Allah and offer your prayers with this dua. It will help you become fertile and conceive a baby. It would help if you did it with the utmost faith in Allah and without thinking about reciting the dua. On Mondays, you need to chant this mantra for normal delivery 108 times. Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. So, on Mondays, offer a special prayer to Lord Shiva. Chant the mantra and offer white flowers to Shiva. It will be better to chant the mantra in the morning between 7 am to 8 am, or in the afternoon from 1 pm to 2 pm, or at night from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Dua For Getting Good Fertility For Female

Dua For Getting Good Fertility For Female, When a woman can’t get pregnant, she suffers emotionally. To top that, society also makes her feel less valued. It is true that motherhood completes a woman and turns her into an ultimate caregiver. However, many women face problems while having a baby. Moreover, some women cannot conceive in the first place. Reciting dua for getting good fertility for female is the only solution that helps women have a healthy baby even after years of being childless.

Before doing the following wazifa and recite the dua for getting good fertility for female, the childless couple should do the following-

  • Feed 12 almonds to any poor child on Friday.
  • Feed birds, especially pigeon, every day.
  • Donate money to the poor after Friday prayer.
  • Donate all food and money from the hands of the childless woman. After doing this for at least a week, recite the dua for getting good fertility for females. When you indulge in the above deeds, you get blessings from Allah the Almighty. So it is very important to perform good deeds as per your capability.

Rabbbi habbb lee meenassaaleeheen

Recite this dua for getting good fertility for female first thing in the morning after the morning prayer. Then raise your hands and seek for Allah the Almighty’s divine blessings. It is only through His blessings that your wish can come true, and you can become fertile. So, if you want to conceive a baby, start reciting the dua for best results.

Dua To Remove Male Infertility

Dua To Remove Male Infertility, Most of the time, society blames the wife when a couple is childless years after their marriage. However, it is not always the woman who is infertile. Men can be infertile, too. They can have problems like low sperm count, early ejaculation, and so on. This is when men should do dua to remove male infertility. Once Allah the Almighty hears and accepts the dua, the couple gets a beautiful child in their arms in a short time.

So, to do this dua to remove male infertility, you need to perform a wuzu. Then wear clean and pak clothes and sit in a quiet room. Now recite the Durood Shareef 3 times to open your prayer. After this, recite the following dua to remove male infertility for 500 times-

“Yaaa Qawiyooo” and “Yaaa Al-Maaatin”

After reciting the dua to remove male infertility, close your prayer by reciting the Durood Shareef 3 times. Now, take a glass of water. Blow into it and drink it at one go. When you do, this Allah hears you and blesses you with fertility. It is He who can remove your infertility so that you can have beautiful children.

The secret to happy family life is always children. When you remain childless for long, it hampers your family peace. It hurts when someone questions you or your wife about the baby. So, have the utmost devotion and faith in Allah and do the prayer to get results. Remove infertility and become a proud father of beautiful children.

Islamic Dua For Childless Couple

Islamic Dua For Childless Couple, Soon after your marriage, family and relatives start asking you to have a baby. However, not all couples can have babies easily. Some women can’t conceive due to infertility. Even some men suffer from infertility problems that make the couple unable to conceive. Most couples spend a lot of money to get treatment. But, mostly, the treatment does not help. Performing Islamic dua for childless couple is what can help them.

It is better to determine first who between the husband and the wife is having an infertility problem. But, even if you do not know, this Islamic dua for childless couples will work. All you need to do is have full faith in Allah the Almighty. Do not ever think about the results when you recite the dua. This is a very effective way in which a childless couple can cure their infertility and proceed towards being parents.

If you already know that the wife is incapable of bearing a child, give her one almond every day to eat for 11 days. After that, pray and recite the following Islamic dua for childless couple

Raabbi Haab Lee Meel Ladunqa Durriyyataan Taaibaah Innkaa Saamee-ud Duaaa

When you recite the above Islamic dua for childless couples, Allah listens to you and blesses you and your wife with a beautiful baby. Even if you do not know who is infertile, you can recite the dua to get results and become parents of a beautiful child very soon.


Surah Maryam for Getting Pregnant

Anybody can use surah maryam for getting pregnant with baby boy/girl to solve infertility problems. Any females want to get normal easy delivery then recite surah maryam for easy delivery in urdu. You can get here benefits of reading surah maryam during pregnancy. Many women have get solution for conceiving with desired children using surah maryam. If your pregnancy is insecure then you can use surah maryam for safe pregnancy to cover protection for your delivery. You can get solution using surah maryam for any pregnancy related issues. If a lady is not going with pregnant that causes your life is not good and you are not serving happy life with your partners/family.

Surah Maryam for Getting Pregnant

Some women are facing pregnancy related obstacles to get solution for it you can recite surah e maryam for pregnancy to get fast solutions. This surah for conceiving will take few months to getting pregnant or it may works with first chance may successful. This will depends on many circumstances and how we are reciting surah e maryam to get success in pregnancy.

A female can recite Surah Yusuf for getting nice/attractive baby. If women want to get normal and easy delivery then recite Surah Maryam for Safe Conceiving in all periods of nine months.

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Still you are not getting pregnant with desired child/pregnancy then you can get touch with us by Calling or WhatsApp/Viber Chat. We are ready to help you anytime to giving you perfect Islamic remedies so you can live happily with your family. If a children are not in our life then whole life feels alone because without a baby nothing in this worlds. So getting a beautiful baby is desire of every couple. You can get suggestion from us anytime to get success in your life. Allah Hafiz!