Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Do you love someone? Do you want that person to love you with the same intensity? Do you wish to make your lover fall madly in love with you? If you want your lover you truly from the bottom of his/her heart, then dua to make someone miss you will surely fulfill this desire of yours. It will make your lover miss you unconditionally and help you to marry him/her soon. It will open the doors of your lover’s heart for you and make him/her feel immense love for you.

It is important to discuss the procedure of dua to make someone miss you from our Molvi sab. He will guide you and help you in getting desired results with the grace of Allah Talah. So, without worrying about anything else, just practice dua to make him love me more and accomplish your desires. If you are very eager to win the heart of your lover, then dua to make someone miss you will be the best solution for you. You just need to consult with our Islamic scholar Molvi Abdullah Hussain Ji and get they will tell you the procedure of dua to make someone miss you. Practice it with firm determination and belief to get positive results.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

If you are in love with someone and miss that person all day and night but you are not getting the same response from another side then you can try Islamic procedures like wazifa to make someone miss you. These wazifa prayers are intended to make someone miss and think about you. You can try this on someone whom you want to fall in love with you. If you want your boyfriend to think about you all day and night and want to make him fall in love with you then love dua to make him think of me will do the job for you.

If you a wife whose husband is out of town or living abroad and not in touch with you then you can take the help of powerful dua to make your husband miss you as well. No matter how far your husband is sitting, once you will recite this dua, he will start getting thoughts of you by the blessings of Allah Tala and soon he will start calling you.

Dua To Make Him Think of Me and Love Me More

Allah Humma Allif Baina Kulubina Wa As Lih Zata Bainina Wah Dina Subulis Salam Wa Najjina Minaz ZulumatiIlan Noor

Recite this dua to make him love me more 111 times total at any point of the day. Make sure you read Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning and in the end of the dua. Then think of your lover and blow on him/her.

Now, recite dua to make him love me more to Allah Talah by creating more love in his/her heart. Insha Allah, in some time you will observe changes in their behavior. Surely your lover will change for the better and will start loving you more than before. Practice it for 21 days and then stop.

However, if you don’t see any favorable results then don’t lose hope and just consult our Molvi Ji to seek further guidance.

Dua For Successful Pregnancy

A pregnant woman doesn’t want anything other than the safety of her child. She desires that her child should come into this world, healthy and safe. And no one other than mighty Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala has the power to do so, for only He knows what problems lie inside the womb and how to rectify it. Hence, if you wish for a successful pregnancy, then you should recite dua for a successful pregnancy to have a safe and sound delivery. The dua will protect your baby from all worst-case scenarios and ensure that he/ she comes to you in good health.

It is important to consider a doctor as well as practice dua for pregnancy complications together to get full-fledged rohani and scientific benefits. You can also speak to our molvi sb. to get the Islamic dua for pregnancy. He will guide you according to your problem and offer you the best possible solution. Practice the dua for successful pregnancy with firm belief and devotion to get desired results. The feeling of not being a mother is the worst feeling in this world and I pray to Allah Talah that no woman ever encounters this situation in her life.

Dua For Pregnancy Complications

Sometimes a woman develops certain complications in her pregnancy. She considers the advice of her doctors but the most important thing in such a condition is to make dua for pregnancy complications. The dua will Insha Allah, resolve all the complications and you will have a healthy baby.

Islamic Dua For Pregnancy

In case your situation is very critical, then recite the dua for pregnancy complications, right from the time you get to know about it. Insha Allah, Allah talah can indeed do miracles and heal you in no time.

Pregnancy is a blessing of Allah talah and not every woman has this happiness in her life. Motherhood is a completely different life and feeling. If you wish to get pregnant as soon as possible, then Islamic dua for pregnancy is the best possible solution for it. Insha Allah, by the grace of Allah Miyan soon you will get pregnant. If you are trying hard for a baby, but its been year for it, then Islamic dua for pregnancy will help you in this regard. Indeed, Allah Talah has blessed couples with kids even after 10 -20 years of their marriage. So, recite the Islamic dua for pregnancy will be of great help to you.

Islamic Dua For Pregnancy

Dua for a successful pregnancy is given below as:

  • Make fresh ablution
  • Anyone whether the husband or wife can recite this dua
  • You should perform this dua after the namaz of Fajr.
  • Recite DuroodShareef 9 times.
  • Then recite “Allah HummaSalliAlaMuhammadinWaAlali La Muhammad”
  • Recite DuroodShareef 9 times in the end.
  • Then blow on some water.
  • Make the woman drink it.
  • Pray to Allah Talah to bless you with a successful pregnancy.

Insha Allah, soon you will deliver a healthy and nourished baby. In case you need any special dua for your pregnancy, then you can contact our molvi sb. for it.

Islamic Dua For Love

A life without love seems to be dull. We all need love to survive in this mean and brutal world. The feeling of love in life makes every moment happier. This is why the Islamic dua for love is important in the Holy Quran.

We all wish to have a special person in life. Every human’s desire is to be loved and cared for by their soulmate. To find that soulmate, people often read the Islamic dua for love. This Quranic dua for love is read when a person wishes to find their true love.

To have a person on whom we can rely for everything is a blessing. The feeling of being together forever with faith, love, and compatibility is not so easy anymore. True love seems like a myth because people have forgotten the value of true love. By reading the dua to get your love in life, anyone can fulfill their wish to find their true love.

Dua For The One You Love

People who wish to find love, read the dua for love. People who have already found their true lover have to read the dua for the one you love. Keeping a love relationship healthy and happy is more complicated than finding love in life.

If you are in love, you would do anything to keep your lover and relationship happy. For this, you need to read the dua for the one you love regularly. This dua is an extraordinary prayer for lovers. To keep your relationship always blessed, our Islamic scholar suggests reading this dua to get your love.

Now we are going to tell you how to perform the Islamic dua for the one you love:

  • Take a shower and think of a happy life with the person you love.
  • Begin to recite Durood Shareef ten times after sitting on your prayer mat.
  • Then, you have to recite Surah Al-Hujurat two times.
  • Recite this dua: “Ya Wadodu Ya Rahmu Ya Rahiimu” 101 times.
  • At last, pray to Almighty Allah to always bless you and your lover. Pray to him to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

You can also perform this ritual as the dua for love marriage so that you can marry the love of your life.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

The most painful feeling in life is losing the love that brought peace and happiness in your life. We understand the pain one goes through after being separated from a deeply loved person. To bring back that lost love in your life, you should know how to read the powerful dua for lost love.

The powerful dua to get your love back is the best dua to make someone love you back once again. To perform the dua for getting lost love back immediately, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Perform ablution first.
  • Then, begin chanting “Allahu Akbar” 51 times.
  • Now, think of the happy memories you created with the person you love.

Dua To Bring Wife Return Back

A marriage is a wonderful experience of life for a man and woman. When a man and woman get married, they make some promises. The most important promise they make is to be together forever. Sometimes, some people forget to keep their promise to their spouse. The prayer that solves this problem is the dua to bring wife back or get husband love back.

After marriage, a woman deciding to leave a husband is not so rare anymore. Nowadays, even the smallest of problems or misunderstandings lead to a woman leaving their marriage. If your wife has decided to leave you, you don’t have to worry anymore. You need to read the dua to bring wife back home.

If your wife has already left you and you miss her too much, this dua is helpful. This is the dua to reunite husband and wife after separation or even a divorce. The powerful wazifa to bring the wife back will make things work again.

Dua For Wife To Return

Having his wife in the walk of life is very important for a man. Having a person to share all your good and bad phases of life is what every human needs. A man can be completely honest to his wife, who loves and respects him. The hardest thing to go through in life for a married man is to stay away from his wife.

In the present time, women make the wrong decision of leaving their husbands unreasonably. They get influenced by other people who make them go against their husbands. In some marriages, women also leave because of fights and misunderstandings. In such cases, the men should read the dua for wife to return.

To perform the dua for wife to return, follow these instructions step by step:

  • Make sure you perform salah five times every day.
  • To perform the powerful wazifa to bring wife back, perform wudu first.
  • Recite Durood Sharif seven times.
  • After durood Shareef, recite this dua 101 times:
  • Bismillaah Al Ameen Illaa Llaah

To get the best results from the dua for the wife to return, make sure you perform this ritual for 21 days.

Beautiful Dua For My Wife

If a woman has left her husband because of the lack of love, she should read the beautiful dua for my wife. It is a dua for a wife to love her husband and return to him. This dua is a very powerful Islamic prayer that helps create a loving bond between spouses.

When a woman fails to fall in love with her husband, she abandons him. If you think that your wife is not in love with you, begin reading the beautiful dua for your wife to fall in love with you.

The dua for a wife to love her husband will help you win your wife’s heart. She will let go of all her doubts and hesitations to begin a happy married life with you. To know more about the dua for wife’s love, contact our Maulvi Sahab any time.

Dua For Blessings in Marriage

Marriage is a sacred bond among Muslims and hence people always want it to flourish. They bless the newly married couple with lots of duas and blessings for a good and happy life ahead. Even the couple who is getting married prays to Allah talah for the prosperity of their marriage. If you are going to get married very soon and you want your marital life to be happy and peaceful, then dua for blessings in marriage is the best remedy for it. The dua for happy marriage will secure your marriage from all the bad things of the world and make it successful.

Dua For A Happy Marriage

Often couples experience a lot of differences between them after a few days of marriage. If you and your partner often have differences and fight over it, then dua for a happy marriage is the right solution for it. The dua will help you in resolving all your differences with your spouse and make your marriage successful. The dua for a happy marriage is known to bring happiness, prosperity, success, and peace in a marriage. It will revive your marriage and make both of you come together as a power couple.

If you are soon going to get married and you want your marriage to take place well, without any hurdles or problems, then dua for marriage in Islam will help you. The dua will bring smoothness to your marriage proceedings. For those who want to get married as soon as possible, they can also practice dua for marriage in Islam. Insha Allah, very soon you will start getting proposals for you and get married. If you wish to get married somewhere you desire, then you should seek help from our Molvi Sab to get dua for marriage in Islam. He will give you a customized solution for your problem

Dua For Marriage in Islam

Marriage is an important event in a person’s life. Hence you don’t want to make any mistake. You should recite dua for blessings in marriage to preserve your marriage from evil eyes, black magic, and jealousy of people. Insha Allah, you both will never have any marital problems in your life. You can also recite dua for a happy marriage to bring prosperity and love in your marriage. You will be very happy with your partner and there will be no troubles in your married life. But, you need to make the dua for marriage in Islam with great dedication and faith to get the desired results.

Dua for blessings in marriage is given below as:

BarakalLaahuLakaWaBaarakaAlaykaWaJama’aBaynaKumaa Fee Khairin

Anyone either the bride or groom or their loved ones can recite this dua as many times as possible to bring blessings to the marriage.

The dua is very effective and extremely powerful and will definitely wipe out all negativity from the marriage. In case you have any queries related to the dua for blessings in marriage, then you can consult our molvi sb. directly. Feel free to discuss all your problems with him and get immediate solutions for them.

Strong Wazifa For Love Back

Has the person you loved the most in your life left you? Do you miss your ex-lover and wish that you could somehow bring him back to you? Do you want your ex-lover to come back into your life and be with you like before? If yes, then you should recite wazifa for love back. The wazifa has been taken from the Quran and is very powerful. It has the power to bring your ex-lover back to you and revive your love life and make it as it was before.

If your ex-lover has left you because of his/ her interest in someone else’s life, then wazifa for a lover to come back will help you in ending that relationship and making your lover regret leaving you. You should find out how to get the love back and then make dua according to the procedure. If you have already cried a lot and done all the efforts to bring your lover back to you, but haven’t succeeded, then wazifa for a lover to come back is the best possible solution in this regard. No matter what the cause of your breakup was, it will rejuvenate your love life.

How to get the love back by Wazifa

So, just find out how to get the love back procedure from our molvi sb. and practice it to get favorable results. Relationships are complicated and reviving them may be very tough. However, dua for someone to come back to you can ease the situation for you. Insha Allah, you will have to do nothing in this case and your ex-lover will come to you on his/ her own. The wazifa for someone to come-back to you will make your relationship just like the past and all the issues will get resolved.

If your lover has been very angry with you or if there has been any misunderstanding between you and your partner which has led to the breakup, then wazifa for a lover to come back is all you need. Use the wazifa as directed and Insha Allah, you will get your lover back. Don’t lose hope. Wazifa for someone to come-back to you has changed a lot of lives and it will definitely help you too. If you are shattered because of the loss of your lover, then find out how to get your love back, and soon you will see how the situation turns into your favor.

How To Get Your Ex Love Back by Wazifa

After performing the obligatory prayer of the night, recite the below-mentioned dua 300 times. Make sure you include Durood Shareef in the beginning and end three-three times. Recite this dua for 11 days and try to start it from Thursday.

Insha Allah, the dua will re-create your love in the heart of your lover and he/she will come back to you in no time. If you don’t see any changes in the behavior of your lover in 11 days, then do it for 21 days. And if still he/ she is the same, then speak to our molvi sb. on an immediate basis.

“Ya Wadoodoo Ya Ra’ufoo Ya Raheemo”

Dua For Good Life Partner

Who in this world would not desire a good and righteous partner? Every person whether man or woman thinks of getting married to someone who is good and compatible. If you don’t marry a good life partner, then your marital life and personal life may become hell. So, in order to avoid this situation, you should make dua for good life partner. The dua will help you in getting a good partner for yourself. It will bring a compatible spouse in your life who will make your life nothing less than a paradise.

Often you dream of your life partner and you want him/ her to possess certain qualities. If you have a picture of your life partner in your mind, then you should practice dua for a good spouse. The dua will Insha Allah transform your thoughts into reality. It will create good chemistry between you and your partner and surely your married life will be happy and prosperous. The dua for a good spouse from Quran will help you in choosing the most suitable person for you.

How To Get a Good Husband

Often girls are desperate to find a pious and good life partner for them. If you want to be the bride of someone you desire, then you should find out the procedure of how to get a good husband. Practice the procedure step by step and soon you will get married to someone you have always thought and dreamt of. You need to put your faith in the holy verses of dua for a good spouse. Your faith will pave the way to finding someone righteous and pious for you. You can contact our Molvi sab. to find out the steps of how to get a good husband.

A good life partner makes your life simple and easy. Hence, making dua for a good life partner is a must. If you want to marry someone of your choice, then make dua for a good spouse from quran and add the name of your crush. The dua for the good life partner is given below:

Dua For Good Spouse From Quran

  • After performing the namaz of Isha, you should recite this dua.
  • Recite DuroodShareef 11 times.
  • Recite “YaJaimi’u” 111 times
  • Recite “YaLateefu” 111 times.
  • Recite “YaKareemu” 111 times
  • Recite DuroodShareef 11 times
  • Recite Surah Al-Mumtahinaah for 21 days daily after this dua
  • Then make dua to find a compatible partner for you. Plead to the Almighty with tears to help you get a good partner or a good husband for yourself.
  • Make sure you practice all these things for 21 days without fail.

Women should not do this during the time of menses.

Also, recite 2 rakat Salatul Hajah and pray to Allah Talah to bless you with a good and pious partner. Soon, you will be blessed with a suitable spouse who will fill your life with happiness and love, Ameen!

And, surely Allah knows best and we can only pray. So, make dua and have a firm belief in it and soon you will get desired results.

Wazifa For Job Problem Solution in 1 Day

Are you desperately in need of a job to support your family? Have you completed your education and now want to apply for jobs? Well, if you are looking for a job for yourself, then you are not alone in it. Thousands of people along with you are going to apply for the same job position. Hence it is important that you recite wazifa for the job to increase your chances of getting a job. The wazifa will help you in standing ahead of the other applicants and Insha Allah you will get the job.

If you have been trying for quite some time now but all your attempts to get the job have failed and you have not been able to acquire the job, then wazifa for the job will be of great help to you. It will help you in getting the job easily in the shortest possible time. If you have your eye on a particular job position and you want to work in that particular field only or in that office only, then wazifa to get a dream job is the best solution for it. It will help you in getting hired for your dream job without any problem.

Wazifa To Get Dream Job in 1 Day

In this cut-throat competition, it may get very tough to get a job or promotion. However, when you recite wazifa to get a dream job, then Allah Talah eases the pathway for you and you get the job by getting preference from the other candidates. So, without any second thought, practice wazifa for a job to get the job position you desire, and Insha Allah, you will get it. You can also contact our molvi sb. to get the wazifa to get a dream job. He will guide you with the procedure and help you get the desired results.

If you have been working at a particular post for years but haven’t got any promotions, then dua for job success is the right step for it. Make dua for job success and soon you will be promoted by your boss. You will not just have a higher job profile but also get paid better than your previous job. So, practice dua for job success and wait for it to get favorable results. When you recite the dua with firm determination, it will definitely work in your favor.

Wazifa for jobs is given below:

Recite Surah Muhammad every Friday111 times and then whatever money you have fed to the poor. Perform this for at least 7 Fridays and Insha Allah, you will see that you will get the best possible job position for yourself.

Along with this, you should also recite “YaBasitu”313 times daily and also include DuroodShareef 11-11 times at the beginning and end of the dua. Insha Allah, soon you will get a good job.

Make sure you are clean and you have worn clean clothes before you practice the wazifa. Also, make sure you are punctual with all the obligatory prayers of the day, then only the wazifa will work for you.

Powerful Wazifa For Money

Money is important to survive in this world. It is important for the wellbeing and security of your family. Without money, you will not be able to feed your family or take proper care of your kids. Thus, every person wants to earn more and more money. But, without the will of Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala, you cannot earn a single penny. Hence, you should recite wazifa for money to get more and more money for yourself in a halal way. The wazifa for money will help you in getting instant money without much effort.

Powerful Wazifa For Money

Sometimes you may have different ways to earn but you don’t know how to get rich quickly. Well, if you wish to get rich as soon as possible, then wazifa for money will help you with this. The wazifa will make you earn in a legal way. It will make you successful and prosperous in anything you do. It will help you in fulfilling all your needs and never spread your hands in front of anyone. The powerful wazifa for money has been a great source of help to a lot of money needy people. It will definitely help you to.

But there is a condition for this wazifa to work. You need to practice the powerful wazifa for money only for the legit purposes. Yes, it shouldn’t be used for any haram purpose. If you wish to get a lot of money to take care of you and your family, then wazifa for money will undoubtedly help you. Surely, Allah talah will see your need for money and help you out. However, don’t worry if you don’t know Urdu or Arabic. You can acquire the wazifa for money in English too. All you need to do is consult our molvi sb. and he will provide you with the wazifa as per your ease.

Wazifa For Money

Recite the wazifa for money in English as directed to you and Insha Allah, you will get its benefits. Money has undoubtedly been the need of man from the start of time. But, it should only be earned to the extent that you don’t have to be answerable about it in the court of Allah. Hence, once you get money, then don’t forget to make sadqah and khairat. It will enhance your wealth and also open the doors of Jannah for you. So, earn money for your family and use it in the way of Allah too.

Wazifa for money:

  • After performing the namaz of Fajr, you should practice this wazifa.
  • Recite “YaMaliku” 2100 times and then make dua to Allah Talah to increase your wealth and add to your income.
  • Insha Allah, in just 21 days, you will see an increment in your income.

If you want you can recite this wazifa all your life to maintain your glory and wealth. Have faith in the blessings of Allah Talah and indeed you will be blessed with nothing but what’s good for you. Feel free to ask questions to use related to wazifa for money.

Gussa Kam Karne Ki Dua

Baaz log apne tez gusse ki wajah kayi baar buri halaton ka shikar ho jate hai. Gussa haram hai kyuki ye shaitaani harkat hai, lekin kuch logo ko apne gusse par bilkul kabu nahi hota. Agar aap bhi apne gusse par kabu nahi kar pate toh aapke liye zaroori hai ki aap gussa kam karne ki dua Allah Miyan se mange. Insha Allah, dheere dheere aapka gussa kam ho jayega. Agar aap aksar apne andar chid chidahat mehsoos karte hai ya phir aapko choti choti baton ka bura lagta hai toh gussa kam karne ki dua aapke liye sabse mufeed tarika hai.

Gussa Kam Karne Ki Dua in Hindi

Iski madad aapke baat baat par gusse karne ki adat khatam ho jayegi. Gusse ko kabu karne ki dua aapke andar badi se badi baat ko hausle se bardaasht karne ke kabil bana degi. Ye aapke andar sabr aur hausla paida karegi jisse aap har tarah ke mamlaat ko badi hi asaani se hal kar lenge. Kayi baar gusse mein insaan apna hi nuksan kar leta hai. Agar aap bhi apne gusse ki wajah se aisi pareshaniyon ka shikar ho chuke hai toh aapko jald se jald apne gusse ko kabu karne ki dua ka istemal karna chahiye.

Gusse Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua

Agar aapke shohar ya aulad ke andar gussa karne ki kaifiyat zyada hai aur wo aap par baar baar gussa karte hai toh aap unke liye bhi gussa kam karne ki dua in hindi parh sakti hai. Aap agar urdu ya English mein ye dua nahi chahti toh aap humare molvi sb. se gussa kam karne ki dua in hindi hasil kare. Insha Allah, wo aapki poori madad karenge aur bahot jald aapki ye pareshani khatam ho jayegi. Aap pareshan na ho. Gussa har kisi ke andar hota hai, bas koi sabr karna janta hai aur koi nahi.

Jab aap gussa kam karne ki dua parhte hai toh Allah talah aapke andar hausla, taqat aur sabr paida karta hai jiski madad se aapko apne gusse par kabu karna ajata hai. Aap Allah Miyan se apne gusse ko kabu karne ki dua mange aur bahot jald aapki ye takleef khatam ho jayega. Gussa kamzoro ki nishani hai. Agar aap kamzor hai toh hi apke andar gussa paida hoga. Isliye aap apni mazbooti ke liye, apni taqat ke liye Allah Talah se dua mange aur Insha Allah, bahot jald aapko kamyabi hasil hogi.

Gussa kam karne ki dua is given below as:

“Wal Kazimeenal Gaiza Wal Aa Faina Anin Naasi Wal Laaho Yu Hibbul Muhsineen”

Agar aapko shaded gussa ata hai aur aap kabu se bahar ho jate hai aur sab kuch lal dikhne lagta hai toh aap 101 martaba is ayat ko 21 dino tak parhe. Aur har roz thodi si cheeni par dum kare aur phir uski chai bana kar pee le.