Dua To Melt Someone’s Heart

If you are in contact with a person who is very hard-hearted and he/she never understands you or acknowledges your problem, then you should immediately take the help of dua to melt someone’s heart. For any right motive and good intention, you can perform this wazifa. If the person doesn’t know how to respect someone or treat someone in the right way, the Islamic dua to soften someone’s heart will soften his heart and he will start behaving well with people and become a changed man.

Islamic Dua To Soften Heart

If your lover is very rude to you and he treats you badly and has no concern for you or your feelings and the relationship is all about his dominance, just perform the dua to melt his heart. In an instant effect, the dua will melt his heart and he will start feeling concerned about you. He will care for you, love you and acknowledge every minute detail of yours. Dua to melt his heart is a long-term remedy as the person will prove to be a very good husband for you, once you marry him.

Surah To Soften Heart

In today’s time, you do not actually find true love. Often people play in a relationship and fake love. But, if you are looking for true love, then Allah miyan will help you in finding your soul mate. You just need to practice the dua for true love and Insha Allah, your love will come searching for you. Interestingly, you will not have to do anything and your life partner will find you. We can help you in performing the dua for true love. We will give you the right dua and the procedure to pray for a perfect partner and Insha Allah, very soon you will find your soul mate.

If your boss or employer is a very rude person and he overburdens you with lots and lots of work and has no mercy on you, then remember Allah, for He is most merciful and beneficent. Now, Make Islamic dua for softening someone’s heart and Alhamdulillah, it will give you positive results in just a few days.

Dua For True Love

Dua for softening someone’s heart: You can perform dua for softening someone’s heart after the Juma’a namaz. Keep in mind the person whose heart you wish to soften. Recite any Durood Shareef 11 times in the beginning. Recite this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Wa’ tala “Ya Waliyo” 500 times and make your dua. Recite Durood Shareef 11 times in the end. Keep performing it till you witness positivity in that person.

A woman can perform it during their menses but does not sit on the prayer mat. It is the most effective and easiest to pray to soften a person’s heart. Allah Talah can melt stones and mountains, then melting heart is just a petty thing in front of him. Pray with the right intentions and 100% dedication and Insha Allah, you will get results in your favor very soon.

How To Create Love in Someone’s Heart

It is said that love cannot be created, but Allah miyan can literally do anything and everything. When you perform wazifa to create love in someone’s heart, then that person starts producing feelings for you. He/ she feels attracted to you and starts liking you and your actions. This way they fall in love with you. With the help of dua to put love in someone’s heart, you can genuinely make someone fall in love. Masha Allah, the wazifa is very effective and easy and you can do it any time

Wazifa or dua to create love in the heart:

  • You can begin the wazifa any time you want.
  • Make ablution if you aren’t in the state of ablution.
  • Recite this beautiful name of Allah Talah “Al Waajidu” 111 times.
  • Blow it on a glass of water and give it to that person to drink.
  • Keep doing it till you start seeing signals and changes.
  • Females can do it during their 7 days of menses.
  • But, maybe it may not give results.

Wazifa To Make Someone Fall in Love

When you love someone, you expect that person to love you back wholeheartedly as you do. But what if that person doesn’t love you as you want him/ her to do? What if your so-called lover doesn’t have intense feelings for you? If you love your lover very much but you are not getting similar affection from their side, then perform the wazifa to make someone fall in love. The wazifa has given benefits to a number of people and now their lives are filled with the love of their lovers.

If you love someone but you don’t know how to tell them and you are scared that maybe they will say no to you and reject your proposal, you should practice wazifa for making someone fall in love. When you practice this wazifa, it creates affection, love, and attraction in that person’s heart and he/ she starts getting positive vibes for you. They will come to you attracted and express their desire to be in a relationship with you and eventually marry you. You will not have to do anything for it and your love will come to you on its own. Such is the power of wazifa to make love in a person or someone’s heart.

Wazifa For Love of Husband

For married women who feel that their husbands do not give them appropriate time or ignore them in their work, they can perform the wazifa for love of husband. Come to us and we will help you with the right suggestions and wazifa. Explain your situation to our Molvi Saab and he will render the best guidance to you. With so much knowledge and experience, our Molvi Saab will give you the most suitable wazifa to increase love in husband heart. Your husband will love you as he did on the first day of the marriage and everything will be very good between you two and your marriage will prosper.

Some people felt shy to tell their feeling to the person they like. So there is a powerful Islamic solution to help them. For getting more attention and love from someone, you can try this Islamic wazifa or dua. This Islamic solution will increase the love in a person’s heart for you. You can also increase love and respect for you in your lover’s heart or husband’s heart. This a great wazifa to get love and attention from someone you like. Just try this Islamic way and live your life with the full love of your partner. By performing the wazifa, your partner or a person will automatically attract towards you.

Surah To Make Someone Love You

Love is a beautiful feeling and when you are in love everything seems amazing. But, sometimes you need to protect your relationship from evil eyes and black magic, from the bad eyes of other people. If you want your relationship to be healthy and flourishing, then perform the Surah to make someone love you and Wazifa for the person you love. Your love story will be a hit and very soon you will be able to marry your lover without any problem.

Often the relationship starts on a very good note, but then things end up badly. If you do not want any misfortune to happen with your love life, then the Wazifa for success in love with secure your relationship and protect it from Satan and evil things.

Wazifa For Success in Love

Sometimes you feel that your lover takes you for granted and doesn’t care a lot about you. They pretend to love you but never call or contact you from their side. If you want your lover to love you truly without any selfish feelings then dua for making someone love you is all you need. This dua will help you win the real love of your lover. He/ she will start missing you and will think of you all the time. The dua to make someone fall in love with you will increase the love element between you both. Reciting this dua will make them more faithful towards you.

If you feel that your boyfriend isn’t serious about you at all and they take you as a causal relation, then you should practice surah to make someone love you. The dua will make your lover fall deeply in love with you. The love would be so immense and deep that your lover will think of you all day and night. It will enhance your status in your lover’s heart and he will always want to be with you. The dua will soon make your love propose you for marriage as he would no longer want to spend a single minute without you.

Wazifa For Success in Love

Every lover wants to marry his/ her loved one, but sometimes you face problems in your marriage. Very often your parents are not ready for your love marriage or sometimes your lover wants more time. If this is the case with you, then wazifa for success in love will be very beneficial for you. If you and your lover are from a different caste and because of this your parents are not ready or the relatives are not supporting you, then the surah for love problems will relieve you from this problem. They will not oppose you but support you with the will and grace of Allah Miyan.

Recite this dua as much as you can and then think about the person you want to marry and blow it on him/ her:

Surah Al-Qasas:- Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ilayya Min Khayrin Faqeer

If you secretly love someone but you don’t have the courage to talk to that person and you want that person to love you back, then the surah to make someone love you will help you out. The surah is very effective and it will ignite love in the heart of that person for you. You come to us and share your problem and we shall provide you with the right surah to make someone fall in love with you. Our Molvi Ji will help you very efficiently and guide you with the correct procedure. Just perform the surah with full faith and right intention and Insha Allah, Allah miyan will make ways for you.

Shadi Hone Ki Dua Aur Wazifa

Koi insaan is duniya mein akela nahi reh sakta. Usko sathi ki zaroorat hoti hi hai. Agar uska talaq ho gaya ho, tab bhi usko dobara kisi humsaye aur humsafar ki talash rehti hai jo shayad is baar usko behtar tarike se samjhe. Har shaks ko khud ko dusra mauka dene ka poora haq hai. Chahe aurat ho ya aadmi, Islam aapko dusri shadi karne ki poori ijazat deta hai. Aap halal tarike se apni shadi zaroor kare aur isme kisi tarah ki pareshani ya rukawat na aye iske liye shadi ki dua parhe. Is dua ki madad se Allah Talah aapke liye shadi ke raste bana dega aur aapki shadi jaldi hone payegi.

Kayi baar shohar apni pehli biwi ke hone ke bawjood dosri shadi karna chahte hai. Lekin agar wo dono ko ek sa darja de sakte hai tabhi unko aage badhna chahiye. Aur agar kisi wajah se aapki pehli biwi aapko dosri shadi ki ijazat nahi de rahi hai toh aap turant shadi hone ka wazifa parhe aur Insha Allah, aapki pehli biwi aapki shadi ke liye razi ho jayengi. Aur, is wazifa ke asar se Masha Allah dono aurten ek sath razi khushi rahengi aur kabhi koi dikkat nahi ayegi. Shadi hone ka wazifa aapki dosri shadi ko kamyab aur khushgawar banayega aur aap miya biwi mein kabhi koi nok jhok nahi hogi.

Shadi Hone Ka Wazifa

Agar aapke shoyar ya biwi khatam ho gaye hai aur aap apni iddat poori karke ab nayi shuruat karna chahte hai toh aap bilkul is khayal ko haqeeqat mein tabdeel kare. Aap aaj hi shadi hone ka wazifa parhna shuru kare aur Insha Allah, aapke liye jayaz aur munasib rishte ana shuru ho jayenge. Jab aap shadi hone ka wazifa parhenge toh aapke liye behtreen aur apke hisab se rishte ane lagenge aur aapki shadi mein kisi tarah ki dikkat ya pareshani nahi ayegi.

Kayi baar talaq ke baad mard ya aurat ke liye ache rishte ana band ho jate hai. Log apne ladki ya ladke ki duhaju se shadi nahi karwana chahte. Lekin shadi ki dua aapki shadi ke liye ache rishte lane mein madad karega aur Insha Allah, aapki shadi achi tarike se ho jayegi.

Shadi Hone Ka Wazifa

Aap shadi me rukawat door karne ka wazifa humare molvi saab se hasil kare. Aap unko apni dusri shadi ki wajah bataye aur wo aapko iska sabse acha nuskha batayenge jisse aapki pareshani pal mein hal ho jayegi. Wo aapko quran aur deen ke hawale se madad karenge jo aapki shadi ko khushiyon se bhar dega aur koi bhi galat kadam uthane se rokega. Insha Allah, shadi ka wazifa aapki shadi ko bahaar bana dega aur aapko kabhi kisi tarah ki dikkat apne dusre shohar ya dusri biwi ke sath nahi ayegi.

Shadi Me Rukawat Door Karne Ka Wazifa

Shadi me rukawat door karne ka wazifa– Ye wazifa aap din mein kisi bhi namaz ke baad kare. Shuruat aap 11 martaba Durood Shareef ke sath kare. Phir 11 martaba Surah Muzammil parhe. Uske baad 11 martaba Durood Shareef parhe. aur apni shadi ki khushi aur kamyabi ke liye Rabbul Alimeen se dua mange. Insha Allah, aapki shadi jald se jald ho jayegi aur wo barkato aur khushiyon se bhari huyi hogi.

Agar aapki shadi mein phir bhi rukawate arahi hai toh aap shadi ki dua humare molvi saab se hasil kare. Wo in rukawato ka jayza karenge aur phir aapko dua denge.

Dua To Make Someone Call You

If your closest friend or loved one is very angry with you and has stopped talking to you, then do feel depressed. The dua to make someone call you will melt his/her heart and he/she will come back to you. They will immediately give you a call and make things good for you.

In another instance, if you love someone and want to talk to him/ her and wish that person to come and speak to you just perform the dua for someone to contact you. He/she will say exactly what you were expecting and Insha Allah, very soon you both will be together. You can get the dua to make him call me now from us. We will be obliged to help you and make your life better with our efforts.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

Losing someone who is close to you because of your own folly is heartbreaking. It takes a lot of time to make a relationship but only a few seconds to break it. But, if your loved one has left you and you miss him/her dearly, then dua to make someone talk to you is the right solution for you. When someone goes away from you because of some misunderstanding or disbelief then you get shattered. All you need to do is, come to us and we shall help you in the Islamic way to make his return home.

If your son or daughter or husband or someone very close to you lives far away from you, and they don’t even remember to give a call to you. The dua for someone to contact you will make them remember you and they will give you a call immediately. Or on the other hand, if you are expecting a call from someone but that person is not calling you, then the dua to make someone call you will be of great help to you. Just recite the dua to make him call me now, with great devotion and Insha Allah that person will definitely give you a call very soon.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

If you are in love with someone but you want that person also to love you and miss you as you do then practice the wazifa to make someone contact you. This wazifa to make someone talk to you is very effective and has the power to create die-hard feelings in your loved one’s heart. The dua to make someone talk to you will make that person crave for you and your love. He/she will miss you from the core of their heart and they will instantly give you a call or come to meet you.

Dua to make someone talk to you is given below as:-

Innal Ladhee Faraza Alaika Al Qurana La Ra Addoka Ila Me Adin Kul Rabbi Aa’a Lamu Man Ja’ aa Bil Huda Wa Man Huwa Fi Dhilalim Mubeen

Practice this wazifa to make someone contact you 100 times daily and think about the person you want to be in contact with until the time that person calls you. Insha Allah, very soon that person will talk to you. If you need more guidance regarding the performing procedure of dua and wazifas, feel free to contact our Islamic scholar Molvi Haider Ali Ji. He will listen to your problems and will suggest you suitable Islamic prayers while keeping your privacy confidential.

Dua Istikhara For Love Marriage

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and settled on earth. Having said that, how can you be sure whether your chosen partner is the right one for you! No matter you go for arrange marriage or love marriage, the big question is how to ensure that the person you have selected for yourself is just the one Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala has made for you. This is more important for those who are going to love marriage so that they are right about their life decision that they are taking. The dua istikhara for love marriage will help you find out whether the person you love can be your perfect spouse or not.

Allah Talah has bestowed mankind with the liberty to take decisions and then see whether it involves His will or not. The dua will make sure that “yes, my chosen partner is just the perfect match for me” and stop you from taking any wrong decisions regarding marriage in your life. The Istikhara for marriage in Islam requires a serious procedure and should be done with complete dedication.

Follow the ritual given below to read the Istikhara duas for marriage:

  • Make fresh ablution and sit on the prayer mat.
  • Recite Durood E Sharif thrice.
  • After this recite the dua told by our Molvi ji and pray to Allah for the nikah.
  • In the end, recite Salawat thrice.

Istikhara Duas For Marriage

Are you worried about the future of your relationship with the one you are getting married to? Are you having second thoughts about the person and want to know whether you are making the right decision or not then with the help of the Istikhara dua for marriage, you can get assured. Preforming istikhara for the important matters in life like marriage, starting the business and other things, you need to have clear guidance from Allah. Nikah is also one of the most important decisions of life and should only be finalized according to the will of Allah.

If you aren’t sure about the person your parents have finalized for you then you should perform the Istikhara dua in English and get clarity. When you will perform this you will get a clear sign from Allah about your relationship and your suitor. If you are having second thoughts about someone and feel that something is amiss then you should get the clarity before the nikah. As you have to spend your whole life with the same person you should seek clarity as soon as possible.

Dua E Istikhara For Love Marriage

Allah never wants any of us to suffer. Thus, when you perform the istikhara dua for love marriage, you come to know about the compatibility with your lover when he/ she turns into your spouse. Thus, the prayer will provide you a relative picture of what’s going to happen in the near future. With this taken as a sign from the Almighty, you can proceed for a yes or no for your love marriage. One can acquire the knowledge about Istikhara namaz for love marriage from our astrologer. His versatile knowledge in Islam and Islamic activities will help you know the details of the istikhara namaz.

So, if you and your lover are thinking of taking your relationship to the next stage i.e. marriage, then before speaking to your parents, go for the online dua e Istikhara namaz for love marriage.

Dua E Istikhara Namaz For Love Marriage

In the same way, if your partner isn’t giving you the commitment to marry and is making excuses then you should take the help of the Istikhara dua for in English. This will help you to get the signs that whether your partner will even marry you and about the success of your relationship in the future. Many times the parents do not agree with the nikah due to the inter-caste issues. These types of problems also cause conflicts later in the wedding. If you wish to live a life that is free of conflicts and issues then with the help of these duas and wazifas you can easily achieve them.

If you are doing this for your existing partner and want to know the will of Allah about your relationship, then these duas will be useful for you. If you wish to have someone in your life that is caring, loving, and support you in every phase of your life, you can pray to Allah through the dua of marriage and make sure that you get to live with the person that you desire.

If you wish to perform the ritual to read the Istikhara duas for marriage in English then please consult our Molvi ji. As you must only perform these duas under expert guidance, you must get permission from our Molvi Ji to do that. He will also guide you to perform it in the right way so that you can get the results faster.

The procedure for online Istikhara dua for love marriage is given as follows:

Make sure you are neat and clean. The Istikhara needs to be done before going to bed at night. You have to perform 2 Rakat nafil prayer.

In the first Rakat, recite Surah Fatiha and then Surah Kafiroon.

In the second Rakat, recite Surah Fatiha and then Surah Ikhlas.

Then recite the dua-e-istikhara.

Think about your lover and his/ her mother after this and pray to Allah SubhanaWa’ tala to help you know whether your chosen guy or girl is a perfect match for you or not.

Then keep your face towards Kibla and sleep.

Insha Allah, you will see a dream related to it and get to know the decision of Allah Talah.

If you do not see the dream on the first night, then keep performing the istikhara prayer until you see the dream.

For accurate and instant results, it is better to consult our astrologer before performing the istikhara. You should also go for online Istikhara for doing love marriage for quick help in this regard.

Love Marriage ke Liye Upay In Hindi

Love marriage ke liye upay in Hindi ka tarika ye hai: Agar koi ladka ya ladki apne mehboob se nikah karne ka irada rakhte hai toh aap ye love marriage ke liye sabse behtar upay kare . Achi tarah se gusl aur wazu karle aur do, chaar ya aanth rakat nafil namaz parhe.

Love Marriage ke Liye Upay In Hindi

Phir Allah Subhana Wa’ tala ki khub humd o’ sana kare. Uske baad teen martaba Durood Shareef parhe aur teen martaba Surah Fatiha. Aur iska sawab Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ko bheje. Phir se teen martaba Durood Shareef parhe aur teen martaba Surah Fatiha. Aur phir so jaye.

Insha Allah, aapko khwab mein apne mehboob se apni shadi ka ishara mil jayega.

Love Marriage Ke Liye ghar walo ko kaise manaye

Mohabbat ke baad agla kadam shadi ka hota hai. Lekin pyar ka matlab ye nahi ki aap kisi galat shaks se shadi karle. Nikah ek zindagi bhar ka rishta hai, isliye apne liye sahi sathi chunna aur ghar walo ko is nikah ke liye manana behad zaroori hai. Agar aap kisi se love karte hai aur unse hi shadi karna chahte hai toh aap sabse pehle love marriage ke liye ghar walo ko kaise manaye iske liye istikhara ko apnaye. Is istikhare ki madad se aapko ye pata chal jayega ki aapka chuna hua ladka ya ladki aapke liye ta-umr ke liye sahi hai ya nahi aur fir aap apne ghar walo ko bhi aapki pasand se nikah ke liye razi kar sakte hai.

Love Marriage Ke Liye ghar walo ko kaise manaye

Agar aapne apni pasand ka ladka ya ladki chun liya hai aur aap unke sath zindagi basar karne ke khwab bhi dekhte hai toh zaroori hai ki aap love marriage ke liye upay ko apnaye. Ye upay Allah Subhana wa’ tala ki taraf se aapko ishara hai ki aapne jisko pasand kiya hai wo aapke liye theek rahenge ya nahi. Aapko apne khwab mein iska ishara mil jayega.

Duniya mein sare bade masle jin mein paisa, zindagi ya khushiyan ati ho, usko aap istikhara aur upay ke zariye se hal kar sakte hai. Aap molvi sahib se istikhare ki tafseel jaan sakte hai. Humare molvi sahib ko aap online contact bhi kar sakte hai. Aap unse love marriage ke liye istikhara ko karne ko kahe aur wo aap aur aapke mehboob ka naam aur aap dono ke walidein ke naam poochenge aur chand roz mein aapko istikhara karke bata denge. Istikhara love marriage ke liye ghar walo ko manane ka sabse behtareen upay hai. Istikhare ke mayne sahi nikalna behad zaroori hai, jin mein aam insaan galti kar sakta hai. Lekin humare molvi sahib ko Islam aur deen ka itna ilm hai ki wo aapko usi waqt iske sahi mayne bata denge.

Love Marriage Ke Liye Upay

Aap love marriage ke liye upay in Hindi ko hasil karne ke liye aaj hi molvi sahib se rabta kare aur jaane ki aapke mehboob aapke liye aage jakar kaise jeevan sathi sabit honge. Love marriage ke liye upay behad khas istikhara upay hai un sare ladki ladko ke liye jo kisi na kisi ki mohabbat mein giraftar hai aur apne aage ki zindagi ke bare mein kuch nahi soch rahe.

Agar koi ladka ladki bina love marriage ke liye upay kiye bina aage badhte hai toh ho sakta hai unke rishte mein aage jakar takrar ho. Isliye aap aaj hi molvi sahib se love marriage ke liye upay in Hindi online ke liye contact kare aur iske bare mein poori tafseel se jaankari hasil kare aur tabhi shadi ke liye aage badhe.

Istikhara For Marriage

All marriages whether arranging or love sometimes prove to be happy and fruitful while sometimes not. When you are getting married, you cannot predict what the future holds on for your marriage. There are 50-50 chances for both, happy marital life or short-lived marriage life. No one but, Allah SubhanaWa’ tala is the only one to know each and everything from beforehand. However, one way through which the Almighty can give you a hint of whether to go for the marriage with a specific person or not is by going for dua istikhara. With the help of istikhara for marriage by name, you can ask for guidance from Allah to take a very important decision of your life.

Usually, people do not know the right procedure for istikhara for marriage and thus they do not opt for it. But, remember it is not a tough thing and can be performed by anyone, provided the matter is important and has been done with devotion and sincerity. If you do not know the istikhara for marriage dua, you can consult our Molvi Haider Ali Sahib. He has great knowledge in the field of Islamic istikhara and has helped a lot of couples and their parents to find out whether the match chosen by them is right or not.

Istikhara For Marriage By Name

The istikhara for marriage by name is performed when you are keeping the marriage dates and finalizing everything. It is the last step to seal the marriage and believe that everything will be fine with the couple once they get married. When you perform the istikhara for marriage, you get sure about whether the chosen person is right for you or not. It can be done in love as well as arrange marriage.

The procedure for istikhara for marriage by name is mentioned as follows:

Pray 2 Rakat nafil after the Isha prayer. Then recite Durood Shareef 5 times and the Istikhara dua mentioned here.

Rather than saying Haazul Amra in the dua, say the name of the person for whom you have conducted the istikhara. And then ask for the guidance of Allah Talah.

You may witness a dream or feel negative or positive upon waking up about the boy or girl for whom you have conducted the istikhara getting a hint of whether you should proceed in this matter or not.

The dua istikhara for marriage in Urdu is here:

Allah Humma Inni Asta khirka Bi Ilmika Wa Astak dirka Bikudwa As Aluka Min Fazlikal Azeemi FaInnaka Takdero Wala Kadri WaTa’lam Wala A’alam Wa Anta Allamul Guyubi. Allah Humma In Kunta Ta’lamu Anna Hazal Amra Khaira Li Gi Deeni Wa Ma AaShiyi Wa Aakibihi Amri Fakdur Hu Li Wa Yassar Hu Li Summa Barik Li Fihi Wa In Kunta Ta’lam Anna Hazal Amra Sharoo Fihi Deeni Wa Ma’aa Shiyi Wa Aakibihi Amri Fasrifhu Anni Was Rifni Anhu Wa Kuduru Lol Khaira Haisu Kana Summar ZiniBihi

You can get the Urdu version from our Molvi Haider Ali Sahib Ji as per your requirement so just make a call and get a genuine solution to your life problems.

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage

To successfully marry your lover is a dream come true for anyone who is in love. And, if you are one of them, then you would also want to marry your lover and spend the rest of your life with him/her. But, how do you know that your lover is your soul mate? Your parents have not chosen your life partner for you, so you cannot blame them. Then how can you make sure that your lover will prove to be the best life partner for you? With the help of istikhara dua for love marriage, you can easily find out whether your lover will prove to be the best person for you or not.

Istikhara For Love Marriage

When you perform the istikhara dua for love marriage, you actually get signs from Allah Subhana Wa’ tala about the success of your relationship, about the authenticity of the person you have chosen for yourself. If you witness good things in your dream, then it is a positive sign, but if you witness negative things in your dream or get bad signs about this love marriage, then you should quit the relationship. Allah Talah is warning you.

Istikhara For Love Marriage

Love marriage is pleasing when it’s successful but with the istikhara for love marriage, you get 100% assurance that your marriage will be successful in the coming time and you and your lover will be very happy together. Islam has eased out everything for us. All you need to do is perform the istikhara for love marriage and you will get the accurate answer for yourself.

If the istikhara results show that you and your lover are a perfect match for one another then you should take the blessings of Allah Subhana Wa’ tala and marry one another without any second thought. Remember to perform the dua istikhara for love marriage with immense purity and sincerity in your heart. And also one should know the accurate procedure for performing the istikhara.

How To Do Istikhara for Love Marriage

You should get in contact with our astrologer to know istikhara for love marriage dua. Once you do the procedure in the right way, your results will definitely be correct. Our astrologer can also help you to find out the result. It is better that you seek his help in this matter.

The procedure for how to do istikhara for love marriage has been given as follows:

Perform this procedure after the namaz of Esha. Recite Durood Shareef 5 times, and then recite Surah Fatiha three times. Then recite this dua “Ya Hameedu Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi” once and go to bed.

You will get a sign of your love marriage in the night. If not, then speak to our astrologer and he shall do it for you. Whatever the result is, you should agree with it.

Being a real Muslim means that you should follow Allah Subhana Wa’ tala command and do as Allah wants you to do.

So, go ahead and perform the istikhara for love marriage and get the confusion removed.

Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara

Shadi duniya mein har insaan ko kabhi na kabhi karni hi hoti hai. Lekin kaun ye nahi chahta ki uski shadi kamyab ho! Agar aap bhi apne liye koi jeevan sathi chunte hai toh ye sochte hai ki unke sath ek achi zindagi guzarenge. Lekin har baar aisa nahi hota. Kayi baar aapka nikah kisi galat shaks se ho jata hai, jiski wajah se na sirf aapki shadi kharab hoti hai balki poori zindagi barbad ho jati hai. Lekin aap apni zindagi ko barbad hone se bacha sakte hai. Agar aap ne apne liye koi rishta dekha hai aur aap ye jaan na chahte hai ki wo rishta aapke liye sahi hai ya nahi toh aap sabse pehle shadi ke liye istikhara kare.

Jab aap jald bazi mein shadi na karke pasand ki shadi ka istikhara parh kar ye janenge ki jis ladke ya ladki se aap shadi karne ja rahe hai wo aapke liye sahi hai ya nahi toh na sirf aapki shadi kamyab hogi balki aapki zindagi khushiyon aur mohabbat se bhar jayegi. Ek acha jeevan sathi aapki zindagi sawar bhi sakta hai aur barbad bhi kar sakta hai. Isliye shadi ke liye istikhara behad zaroori hai har kisi ke liye.

shadi Ka Istikhara Kaise Kare

Shadi ke liye istikhara ka tarika na sirf aapko is baat ka andaza deta hai ki aapne jis ko shadi ke liye chuna hai wo aapke liye sahi hai ya nahi balki aapke dil se har tarah ke dar ko bhi mita deta hai. Isliye aap ko jald se jald molvi sahib se baat karni chahiye aur shadi ke liye istikhara kaise kare poochna chahiye. Itne ilm aur tajurbe ki wajah se wo aapko sabse sahi tarika batayenge, lekin yaad rahe agar aap se zara si bhi galti huyi to natija badal sakta hai. Isliye behtar ye hai ki aap ye unhi se karwaye aur natija jaan le.

Aap molvi sahib se online baat kare aur unko apni shadi ki details de. Wo 1-2 din mein aapko sahi jawab de denge.

shadi ka istikhara ka tarika

Sone se pehle wazu karle. Aur saaf bistar pe baith kar 11 martaba Durood Shareef parhe. Uske baad 33 martaba Surah Falaq parhe. Fir se 11 martaba Durood Shareef parhe. Aur Allah Talah ke samne us ladke ya ladki aur unki ma ka naam le aur pooche ki kya wo mere liye ya meri aulad ke liye (jiski bhi shadi honi hai) thik hai.

Aap dua mange ki ya Allah, mujhe ek ishara de taki main is raah mein aage chal saku. Aur fir bistar mein let kar so jaye. Insha Allah, aapko us raat ya aage ane wali 3 raato mein koi na koi ishara zaroor milega aur apko pata chal jayega.

Pasand ki shadi ka istikhara behad jana bujha tarika hai ek shadi ke rishte mein aage badhne ka. Chahe ladke wale ho ya ladki wale, isko koi bhi kar sakta hai. Bas Allah Subhana Wa’ tala pe poora yakeen rakhe aur poore umeed se dua kare ki jo sahi faisla ho wo aapko pata chal jaye.