Dua For New Baby Boy In Islam

After marriage, the next step a couple takes is having a baby. While some couples do not care much about the gender of a baby, some have the pressure of their families to only have a baby boy. Having a baby boy as your first child cannot be guaranteed. Getting to know the gender of a baby is illegal. The dua for baby boy is a Quranic dua for couples to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Having a baby boy is possible through some Islamic remedies. This dua is very powerful and does not anyhow relate to black magic. This dua is also used by married couples who after years of marriage are unable to conceive a baby.

Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy

After having a daughter as the first child, a couple just wants a boy child to complete their family. This expectation can be fulfilled by the dua for new baby boy in Islam. This Islamic dua is the best way for any family to have a boy as their next child.

Some women after having multiple daughters want a boy child to keep their family together. They are under the pressure of their in-laws to have a boy child to keep their family intact. Some conservative families still think that a boy is the only one who will support them in their old age. These conservative families force their daughter in law to give birth to a baby boy.

The dua for a beautiful baby boy can be used by women to ask Allah Taala to bless them with a boy child. This dua will help you conceive soon and have a healthy pregnancy and a comfortable delivery.

Dua For Twins Baby Boy

Islam does not judge you for expecting a child of a specific gender. While it is okay to think of wanting a baby girl, it is still frowned upon when people have only daughters as children. As a couple, some people decide to only have two children and that too boys. But having kids who are both cannot be guaranteed anyhow.

The dua for twins baby boy is the best Islamic remedy to have boy children. This dua is blessed by Allah and helps you in bringing two beautiful baby boys in this world. This dua has also been used by couples who want twin boys after having multiple daughters in their life.

The correct process of performing this dua to get the best result is as follows:

  • Keep in mind that this dua is to be performed on Thursdays.
  • After ablution, sit down on your prayer mat and perform your daily namaz.
  • Put a small bowl full of turmeric powder before you.
  • Recite this dua “Inna shaani’akahuwaalabtaar” at least eight times
  • Now chant “Ya IlahaIllaalah” 500 times in a soft whisper.
  • Repeat this process for a month and you will soon get pregnant with twin baby boys.

If you want more information about this dua, then you can directly contact our Maulvi Sab.

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